Upcoming Events:

Grading and Midwinter feast.
Saturday 24th June 2017.

Archery meet.
16th July 2017.


We offer a diverse range of activities to our members including, weapons training, costume and armour making, banquets and other non-combat and interclub activities and events.

Company of the Dragon Sword and Shield Grading Syllabus
Yeomen (First Grade)
Sword including quarterstaff
Break falls

Men-at-arms (Second Grade)
Sword and shield
Optional: single dagger
Optional: polearm (single spear or polearm)

Seniors (Third Grade)
Sword and off weapon
Shield/buckler and primary weapon
Optional case dagger (Specialist basic for field)
(Choose a specialist weapon)

Lieutenants (Fourth Grade)
Sword and Spear
Spear and shield
(Optional advanced polearm)
(1st or 2nd specialist weapon basic grading

Captain (Fifth Grade)
(1st specialist advanced)
(2nd specialist advanced)

We meet every Sunday between 1pm and 4pm, at
Newlands Scout Hall
30 Spenmoor St
Spenmoor Street is off Wakely Rd which is almost opposite BP Newlands on the main road. Look out for the sign at the top of the driveway!
Visitors are welcome.